great magazine for women

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A change for the bored,

Hey to all you women out there who have been tired of the same old content that most women's magazines seam to contain. I just stumbled on this site/magazine for women that I just fell in love with and felt the urge to share my find. The magazine name Melt Magazine for Women is a refreshing and very entertaining publication, which breaks free of what we have come to consider the “norm” for women’s magazines.

The concept is to directly take the focus off of women's physical appearance and deliver content that entertains and challenges the mind, body and spirit. Delivering articles that range from culture to travel and from health to Hollywood. The magazine also does it two fold, instead of containing countless pictures of women (like so many do) for us to compare ourselves to (and often feel less than adequate from), Melt offers amazing, very tasteful photos of men. As women we are attracted to men, but for some reason no one seems to think we would rather enjoy looking at them as oppose to the latest, thinnest, prettiest female model wearing the very jeans we probably will never fit into.

It is not that I hate all of what is out there for women's mags, but I am a bit tired of primarily seeing headlines that read, "10 Best Ways to Style Your Hair for Summer” and "Loose 5 Pounds in 3 Days." I just really think there is more to life than that and I truly admire the people at Melt who seem to think so too. Kudos to them for being brave enough to stand singly and embark on a brave new venture.